Thank you. Thank you for making me aware of the possibility that I could have a mental illness. After the AIR presentation at my school, I began to look into mental illnesses and this past September, I got help and I got diagnosed with depression and a social anxiety disorder. So, thank you again for giving the presentation, ultimately helping me to make the decision to get help and save my life.

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School Student

Attitudes In Reverse® (AIR) has opened up my eyes to just how great the stigma surrounding mental illness is. This organization has helped me learn a great deal about mental illness, and has given me the motivation to work to eliminate that stigma. Because of AIR, I now actively try to educate others about mental illnesses, and their severity, in addition to volunteering with mental health organizations whenever possible. In short, because of AIR, I have the drive to work to change the world, one attitude at a time.

Joseph BabitskyCadet, AFROTC