Randie Blumhagen met Trish and Kurt Baker more than two years ago when Miki won the Award for Canine Excellence from the American Kennel Club. Randie works for Care Alternatives Hospice and when she saw Miki had won, she was hoping to grab Trish as a volunteer for the hospice. The two women bonded and have been friends, as well as fellow AIR leaders, ever since. Randie’s background is education, as well as hospice. She owns, shows and occasionally breeds her Chinese Shar-Pei. She is also involved with many animal-related organizations and enjoys networking for AIR, as well.

“When I met Tricia and Miki, we bonded instantly. This is a great organization with a great mission. I helped get AIR into two schools so far, I helped develop the annual AIR walk event and I aim to do so much more with AIR to help kids who struggle with mental illness.”