33 Miles for AIR Dog Walk Challenge

- Saturday April 1st to Sunday April 30th -


Who does this event support?
Funds will support educational programs about mental health and suicide prevention that Attitudes In Reverse ® (AIR ® ) presents as part of its mission to create a community of understanding, kindness and empathy. AIR offers a comprehensive mental health plan through age-appropriate programs that when combined, reminds students throughout the years that there are many people, perhaps their friends, family members or classmates– possibly themselves – who may be living each day with mental health disorders, and they can help themselves and others by recognizing and understanding mental health struggles and openly addressing them.
At AIR, we believe that good mental health programming makes the best anti-bullying and suicide prevention plans. Breaking down stigma enables AIR to help families and school personnel identify youth who are at risk. AIR is educating youth and adults that NO ONE CHOOSES to have a mental health disorder; inspiring hope for those suffering from mental pain to seek assistance; and instilling empathy and understanding of mental health disorders throughout society.
AIR strives to provide unlimited mental health awareness and suicide prevention programs to youth and young adults, regardless of their ability to pay. Programs are also available for parents, teachers and all school staff. Certified AIR Dog SM therapy dog accompany all program presenters. Their comforting presence encourages program attendees to open up about their mental health struggles, which opens the door to getting them the support they need.
What is the event?
This is a virtual 33-mile dog walk challenge that can be completed throughout the month of April. National Dog Therapy Appreciation Day is April 11, 2023 and National Therapy Animal Day is April 30, 2023 and we want to highlight how dogs are good for our mental health. Throughout the month of April, you can share your walks with us on social media, and keep track of your mileage on our website hub. After completion of the event, you will receive a thank you gift and certificate of completion from Attitudes In Reverse.
How will I be able to help AIR by walking my dog?
You can be an AIR Hero! After you register for the month-long event, you will have an option to host a fundraiser that can be held for the duration of the month. By getting out and walking your dog and obtaining all the benefits these canines have to offer, you will encourage others to help with raising funds and bringing life-saving awareness about the importance of mental health and opening up about/seeking help for mental health challenges. These conversations are a great tool and a furry friend is a huge help! We encourage you to share your journey and your fundraiser with us on social media, as well as with your community and those around you.
Why is this event for 33 miles?
Kenny Baker, a kind soul who died by suicide and was the reason AIR was founded in 2009, would have reached his 33 rd birthday this April.
Where is this event held?
This event will be held online April 1 st - April 30 th . Attitudes In Reverse will have a specific webpage to register, track your mileage, and promote your fundraiser leading up to and during the event. We encourage you to share your journey and fundraiser not only with us, but also with your family, friends, colleagues, community – anyone you know who would like to donate and/or be a part of this event along with you. Be sure you are following AIR’s social media pages, as well.
Will there be anything else to look forward to during and/or leading up to the challenge?
Yes! We are still working on things as it is early and are looking forward to it. After registration, you will have the option to start a fundraiser now and host it until the end of April. The top three fundraising contributors from now until March 25 th will receive something special from AIR. This option will also be available during the month of April and the top three will receive something special, as well. There will always be something to look out for, so make sure you are following AIR on social media and sign up for the newsletter at www.air.ngo.
Do I have to do the dog walk to help AIR?
No, if you do not want to be part of the challenge for the month, AIR has a “create a fundraiser” option available, as well. You can create one and share it with your community and those around you, or you can contribute a one-time donation. Or if you do not have a dog and would like to participate, please do! All proceeds will benefit AIR and the life-saving work we are doing through our educational programs.
Do I need to complete the event in one day?
NO, this is 33 miles over the span of a month. You can do 1 mile one day, 2 the next or 1 and a half the next day. You will have one month to walk 33 miles with your dog (or without if you would still like to participate). Please be aware of you and your dog’s physical conditions and always practice safety.
What do I do next?
Register! Click here to register. Start a fundraiser and share it. Keep an eye out for social media and emails, and make sure to sign up for our newsletter.
If you have a business, please consider sponsoring the 33 Miles for AIR event.


AIR Angel $1,001-$10,000                AIR Hero $100-$1,000
Online donations can be made at www.air.ngo, and checks made payable to Attitudes In Reverse can be sent to AIR, P.O. Box 3127, Princeton, NJ 08543.
Thank you for your support of our mission to save lives!