Each year, AIR® holds an annual T-Shirt Design Concept Contest to raise students’ awareness of mental health and suicide prevention. Participating in the contest helps build awareness by engaging students in developing creative ways to communicate our message. When students wear the shirts after the contest, they will spark important and at times life saving conversations.

Winners will be announced in May during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Prizes are an iPad for first place and

a $50 Gift Card for second place.


Students of The College of New Jersey, Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity wearing the 2022 winning design by Greyon Stouch


Greyson Stouch

T-Shirt Concept Contest 1st place winner

Art has the capacity to raise aware-ness and heal the heart. Students who participate in AIR’s T-shirt design concept contest not only have the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent, but also develop greater empathy. I highly encourage all students to learn more,” said Rebecca McLelland-Crawley, EdD, NBCT, PAEMST, Gifted & Talented Facilitator at Community Middle School, West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District.

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Deadline : March 22nd, 2024

When students wear the shirts featuring designs inspired by the contestants, they will spark important conversations. A student would ask about AIR and the conversation would naturally lead to more awareness, which, in turn, leads to a much greater likelihood that the student will pay attention to signs of mental health disorders in himself and others and take steps to get help when needed,” said Tricia and Kurt Baker, Co-founders of AIR



Our 2021AIR® T-Shirt Concept Contest Winner!



1st Place Winner - Yashica Chuthari

2nd Place Winner - Krupa Patel



AIR® T-Shirt Concept Contest Winning Design

Yashica Chuthari with Tricia Baker

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