In helping others, we help ourselves...

During the holiday times, AIR™  volunteers collect socks, gloves, beanies to deliver to patients in mental health hospitals. 70 percent of people in mental health hospitals NEVER get a visitor. AIR™ wants to change that, so on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, AIR™ volunteers visit patients with AIR therapy dogs, delivering gifts to keep them warm, and letting patients know that there are people who care.

AIR Dogs bring smiles, as they also visit with patients


Students from schools take up collections and have allowed us to collect close to 1,000 gift items for local behavioral health patients. Some youth have knit or crochet caps, as part of their own therapy treatments. This program runs from mid November through mid-December and gives us the opportunity to talk to our students about those who wake up each day and struggle with a mental health disorder. It is critical that we teach that mental health disorders are no different from any other medical illness and that no one chooses to have a mental health disorder. We must teach our students to be kind, understanding and empathetic towards those who struggle, to create a community of acceptance

Donations are welcome.

Help someone feel warm and happy this holiday season.

Donations can be sent to either of the following addresses:

AIR Headquarters
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Princeton Junction, NJ 08550.

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