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AIR’s Dog Days of Summer: Debbie Linthorst and Toby

Debbie Linthorst’s introduction to Attitudes in Reverse was during an event at Timberlane Middle School, where AIR Co-Founder Tricia Baker gave a presentation with therapy dogs. “I was really blown away by what AIR does and the support they provide to kids mentally,” said Linthorst, President of the Hopewell Valley Regional Board of Education. So…


AIR’s Dog Days of Summer: Dave Sherwin and Hazel

Dave Sherwin’s first experience with the AIR Dogs: Paws for Minds therapy dogs was during one of their visits to the local high school. “Watching the dogs interact with the high school students before exams and seeing the students smile and light up when they see the dogs,” recalled Dave. “Students of any age really…


AIR’s Dog Days of Summer: Chris Turnbull and Brody

Chris Turnbull, Principal of Bear Tavern Elementary School, first learned of Attitudes in Reverse and its therapy dogs a few years ago from a staff member. The school then invited AIR to participate in its Wellness Day. AIR Dogs have been visiting the school for special programs ever since. “Tricia would walk down the hallway with…