Kurtis Baker is a co-founder of Everybody Loves Kenny Project, Inc. dba Attitudes In Reverse® (AIR) with his wife Tricia, daughter Katelyn and father Silas in 2010 shortly after losing their son/brother/grandson Kenny to anxiety and depression. The discrimination before and after their loss, as well as the stigma associated with mental health disorders, compelled them to embark on a mission to eliminate stigma and help save lives by educating students, teachers and school faculty about mental health disorders, and the effectiveness of mental healthcare services. Kurtis is a certified Youth Mental Health First Aider and Youth Mental Health First Aid instructor. He is also a Certified Financial Planner™ and wealth management advisor, assisting individuals, families and small businesses since 1986.

“Our goal is to eliminate stigma, which imposes a harmful barrier for youth to seek the services they need – services that can alleviate or even prevent hopelessness, which all too often has devastating consequences.”