Miki Baker is a Pomeranian devoted to supporting Tricia Baker. He has earned his CGC certification, along with Therapy Dog certification from Bright & Beautiful. He has also been awarded the American Kennel Club (AKC) Award of Canine Excellence and has earned his AKC Therapy Dog title. Miki has also earned the Bright & Beautiful Terrific Therapy Dog Award for performing more than 70 therapy visits in his first 12-month period as a therapy dog. Miki’s awards have inspired a new program, AIR Dogs: Paws for Minds™, through which dogs are rescued from shelters, trained to serve as emotional support dogs and placed with people who struggle with mental health disabilities, saving two lives.

If Miki could talk, he would say, “I’m glad I can support my mom and help others. Come pet me at all the AIR events and learn how we can work together to save lives!”