Patricia Betz graduated from Miami University with a microbiology and chemistry pre-vet degree. She later completed a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in math and science. She is clinical researcher at Merck & Co and is involved with in diabetes and endocrinology. As an active volunteer, she is very involved with MISE (Merck Interactions with Science Educators), Adult Literacy Volunteers, Franklin Food Band and Second Chance for Animals. She has also maintained an active presence in her five children’s
school and sports activities, including Little League and Girl Scouts. Her love of animals has led to her most recent involvement with the AIR dogs and assisting at the school visits.

“I met Trish through canine training at 20 Paws with my dog Nomie. She acquainted me.
with the work of Attitudes in Reverse, AIR dogs and the army of phenomenal volunteers
supporting their cause. Within a few months, Nomie and I attained certification as therapy
dog and handler. This incredible experience has opened a door for turning a journey of
grief from the loss of my son into becoming an active volunteer supporting this most
important cause. The work of AIR is amazing, and being involved with Trish and other AIR
volunteers has provided an incentive to help others become aware of good mental health
and removing stigmas!”