Everyone in my health class learned a lot from the Coming Up for AIR™ presentation. The stories of Kenny Baker and other people’s experiences with mental health disorders have a strong impact on us and the factual information is very important to have. We talked about what we learned for days. All students should definitely get this information.

Harrison MehlmanAIR Volunteer and Senior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

People do not truly fathom how difficult it is to get up in front of a completely unfamiliar crowd and inform them of a cause that isn’t considered cool or ‘in’ with their daily lives. There isn’t a class for it and when given the chance, the crowd may realize that it has everything to do with their daily lives.

Piscataway High School Junior

Thank you. Thank you for making me aware of the possibility that I could have a mental illness. After the AIR presentation at my school, I began to look into mental illnesses and this past September, I got help and I got diagnosed with depression and a social anxiety disorder. So, thank you again for giving the presentation, ultimately helping me to make the decision to get help and save my life.

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School Student

Attitudes In Reverse® (AIR) has opened up my eyes to just how great the stigma surrounding mental illness is. This organization has helped me learn a great deal about mental illness, and has given me the motivation to work to eliminate that stigma. Because of AIR, I now actively try to educate others about mental illnesses, and their severity, in addition to volunteering with mental health organizations whenever possible. In short, because of AIR, I have the drive to work to change the world, one attitude at a time.

Joseph BabitskyCadet, AFROTC